SOUTHPRO SPJ-1001 Top-Load Dishwasher

Dimension :
620 x 615 x 1350 mm

Capacity :
60 racks/h   /   1,800 plates/h

Cycle Time :
60/75/99 sec

Wash & Rinse Tank :
35L, 22L

Wash & Rinse Temperature :
60-70’C, 85-95’C

Electrical Rating :
220V, 50Hz, 1p   /   380V, 50Hz, 3p

Total Loading :
4.7kW / 9.2kW

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– Suitable for small and medium sized restaurant

High Durability
– Outer case, interior and tank are built with SUS 304 grade stainless steel (1.0 – 1.2T) for high durability

Stainless Steel Washing and Rinsing Spray Arms
– Spray arms are designed to prove specified spraying angles to eliminate from missing any blind spots

Round Window
– Round window on hoop cap for easy viewing of the cleaning procedure inside the equipment

Wash Tank Heating Device
– 500 W heater device is installed to speed up the heating process and to maintain water temperature

SMART Maintenance System
– With SMART PCB system, inspection can be done without dismantling the equipment