About Us

Established in 1949, Star Industrial Co Ltd is the largest plastic ware manufacturer in Hong Kong.  Since then, we have strove to maintain high quality in production and management, and our Red A logo has long been the icon for premium plastic products.

In order to cope with the demand of the market, Star has engaged in supplying high quality commercial kitchen and catering equipment to the food and beverage professions in Hong Kong.  Our “One-stop” total kitchen solution together with the world known brands of equipment have made our services more broad and dynamic.

our goal anD value

Continue to upgrade our products and services is our primary goal.  We will ensure that each staff member of Star will pursue his best with innovative thinking and excellency in work performance, making all customers satisfied with our service.

our mission

We will make our “One-stop” total kitchen solution along with our Red A brand of plastic ware the finest and the only key to success of all professional kitchens.