KREA mutilSpray

Capacity (mL) :

Power (W) :

Dynamic pressure max. (bar) :

Delivery rate max. (water) :
250 g / min

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  • Optimal spraying of flat surfaces and objects
  • The bent nozzle extension is ideal for spraying upwards, downwards or on edges and slants.
  • From thick to fine spray finish- excellent material distribution.
  • Simple to use with a balanced design. Compressed air not required.
  • Hygienic- easy to take completely apart and clean.
  • Each multiSPRAY is equipped with the following accessories:
    ·  a container (700 ml)
    ·  a F7S flat fan nozzle (F7S)
    ·  a round-jet-nozzle (R6)
    ·  bent nozzle extension